.Market Research on Branding, eMarketing, & Internet Marketing Part B

Branding and Marketing Specialists must appreciate what makes research valuable to decision makers.

What is the inherent value of research to a decision maker and the major implication to the research? The key value of research to a decision maker is in its inherent potential to change a decision. Market research is about understanding consumers and their needs and should be a core competence at the heart of any company with a strategic vision. Differentiating products and services is becoming harder and product lifecycles are becoming shorter. Thus, intuitive decisionmaking is riskier and increasingly companies are turning to market research to provide the key input to more effective and efficient strategic and tactical planning.

Managing consumer demand involves three steps:

· Understand consumer desires
· Develop solutions to meet those desires
· Stimulate demand (i.e. convince consumers that the solutions developed genuinely meet their desires)

The links below are market research reports from Internet. Initially we thought PDF files were not indexed by Search Engines, and we found many great PDF market research files with great content. We transfred them into websites so it could get indexed and its content could be searched. Here are som examples:


Media Consumption Study; Internet Work Users; Attitudes Toward Internet Advertising

Online Dayparting: Claiming the Day, Seizing the Night Research and analysis

Branding 101; All you want to know about Branding and Advertising

The Arbitron Cinema Advertising Study

Internet Users Online Activities, 2000 2002; PEW INTERNET PROJECT

Cinema Advertising in the Auditorium

Arbitron/Edison Media Research Internet and Multimedia

Arbitron/Edison Media Research Internet and Multimedia; Key Findings 15

Arbitron/Edison Media Research Internet and Multimedia; Key Findings 6 12

Arbitron/Edison Media Research Internet and Multimedia; C. Broadband

Arbitron/Edison Media Research Internet and Multimedia; D. Internet Broadcasting (Streaming) Usage 1723

Arbitron/Edison Media Research Internet and Multimedia; D. Internet Broadcasting (Streaming) Usage 2329

Arbitron/Edison Media Research Internet and Multimedia; D. Internet Broadcasting (Streaming) Usage 3033

Arbitron/Edison Media Research Internet and Multimedia; E. Cable and Satellite Media; F. Digital Devices

Arbitron/Edison Media Research Internet and Multimedia; G. Perceptions of Media Content; H. Music Purchasing and Downloading

Advertising Branding

Good instincts and intuition certainly play important roles in business. But gut feelings about your customers' needs and preferences aren’t enough. If you want to minimize risk and improve your chances of success, you need sound, objective data. That's where market research comes in.

Market research is the process of collecting and analyzing information about the customers you want to reach, called your target market. This information provides you with the business intelligence you need to make informed decisions. Market research can help you create a business plan, launch a new product or service, fine tune your existing products and services, expand into new markets, develop an advertising campaign, set prices or select a business location.

The strong case for effective Online Advertising

Reports show 164% increase in online banking since early 2000

Tapping Blacks? Spending Clout: Black Consumer

Building Brands Online With Streaming Media

Measuring Branding and Advertising

Branding and eMarketing Strategy

Branding and Online Advertising

 The Truth About Naming and Business Naming

Internet Advertising, eMarketing, Branding Analysis

Growth of the Broadband into Homes

How business decision makers use the Web Effectively

Auditorium Use for Cinema Advertising

Cinema Advertising Study

Advertising Spending

Analysis of Dayparts on the Internet ; Existence and Characteristics of Dayparts on the Internet

Online Newspaper Consumers; online newspaper readers

Internet Users and How Young is THE DIGITAL GENERATION

Computer Use at Work by Occupation; Computer Use at Work by Gender and Age; Internet Use at Work

Meltdown and the Web

Branding with Email

Branding Value of Email

Email Trend Report

Study Reveals European Marketers Spending More on Digital Marketing

Internet Couponing is Getting More Popular with Marketers toward effective Branding

Internet Connection; Internet Users; Internet Use; Demographic Factors in Computer and Internet Use; Online advertising creates a brand

Dayparting: Analysis


Analysis and understanding of the Digital Consumer: Overview

Digital Consumer; Internet Broadcasting

Digital Consumer; Perceptions of Media Content

How important is Your Loyal Audiences?

Online marketing works for brand building

Effectiveness of integrated marketing campaigns that combine the Internet and offline media

How effective is Online Advertising or Internet Advertising for Branding?

Online Marketing; Rich Media

Internet Marketing: The Online Shopping is Significantly Impacted By Enhanced Security

 The Incredible Growth of Digital Consumer

The Online and the Offline Branding Comparisons

According to the data gathered by MSDW, the Internet leads magazines, newspapers, and television in brand recall

Audience Affinity Analysis

An Overview of Online Advertising, Branding and Brand Measurement for Online Marketers

Touchpoints Effective Marketing Sequences in the Interactive Media Age; An Online Marketing Research

 WebPad Marketing; Competitive Analysis of Existing WebPADs


Market research allows you to pinpoint a host of key business factors about your market. It can help you identify:

  • Growth trends in your business sector
  • Size of your target market
  • Best location for your business
  • How your business stacks up against the competition
  • Factors that influence buying decisions
  • Degree of demand for your product or service
  • It can also reveal key information about your customers and prospects, including:

Their demographic profile

  • The types of features or special services they want
  • What they like and dislike about your product or service
  • How they use your product or service
  • How often they buy and how much they will pay for your product or service
  • Once you analyze the results of your market research, you will be in a better position to create a focused business plan, develop a targeted advertising campaign, set competitive prices, select a new business location or take other steps to grow your company.


Internet Audience and Site Affinity

The Value of Credibility and Trust of a Website Online

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